Trump meets with Border Patrol agents to discuss immigration crisis

On Friday, President Donald Trump made a move that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were simply unprepared for. Foiling the media filter, he headed to the border to check out the wall and meet with Border Patrol himself.

During a televised round table on Friday, Trump invited a Border Patrol agent to share what’s happening at the border in her own words.

Watch below:

The Tactician

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times…Trump does everything for a reason. His detractors think he is a buffoon at times, but it always seems to pan out in the end.

If there is a negative news cycle, Trump does something outrageous to get it to move along. If Democrats are dominating the headlines, Trump does something like what he did at the border to steal their thunder.

The Border Crisis

Most Democrats will try to downplay the border problems. Pelosi herself accused Trump of making up a “manufactured crisis.”

Common sense, something most of today’s Democrat representatives lack, tells a different story.

When Trump tells the story, however, Democrats simply accuse him of lying, which is why allowing border agent Gloria Chavez to take center stage here was such a brilliant move.

Chavez is clearly stressed about the situation. Her voice carried a clear sense of urgency. “Our resources are extremely strained,” she added. “We are not prepared to deal with the amount of people, family units and children, and now organized caravans that are coming across this border.”

While the numbers and situational stats she gave are important, the one stat she mentioned that should really hit home was in reference to “fake families.”

The agent said that so far this year, they have apprehended a total of 193 “fake families” trying to enter the country illegally. “They know that they can get a court date later and be able to get released,” she said.

This ranges from drug dealers to people claiming the children are theirs when they are actually part of a human trafficking scheme.

While the border agent spoke, Trump listened with a concerned look on his face, as if to tell his doubters, “See, I told you it was bad.”

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