Trump strikes immigration deal with El Salvador: Report

President Donal Trump has successfully made a major immigration breakthrough. He just struck a deal with El Salvador to make it a destination for immigrants, according to The Washington Examiner.

The deal was signed on Friday and could be the first step in finally fixing America’s broken immigration system.

Trump’s ability to get Latin American countries to work with him to find a solution to the illegal immigration issue has been incredible.

The Deal

Trump signed a “cooperative asylum agreement” deal with Guatemala setting it up as a safe destination for anyone seeking asylum in the United States in July, a. People will wait in Guatemala instead of being released directly into the U.S., according to NPR.

Instead of designating a holding site, the deal with El Salvador will focus on directing immigrants of all kinds to stay in El Salvador. Further details explaining the specifics of the deal are forthcoming.

Re-directing immigrants to other Latin American countries will reduce the demand for welfare. It also will also raise wages for workers in the U.S. when economic-driven immigration is slowed.

El Salvador’s current government are also committed to improving the country, they want to make it an attractive place for immigrants.

Those goals work together with Trump’s goals. The U.S. immigration system will experience less stress and El Salvador can pursue its plans.

Vindication for Trump

Trump’s ability to get things done is great to see. When he’s free from political infighting, Trump is a working machine.

These deals also perforate the narrative the left loves to push that Trump can’t or won’t work with Latin American countries.

Latin America needs to be developed and the corruption needs to be purged. Trump setting up a safe space for asylum seekers is important. Trump helping to create a functioning state south of Mexico will also do so much to help the area.

When politics and mudslinging ends, the real work begins. Trump has proven what he can do, now he needs to keep working to make America great again.

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