Trump stops rally speech and the crowd goes wild

President Trump headed to Pennsylvania this week to try to put a dent in Biden’s base.

Biden may have to put in more work than he thinks in the Keystone state because voters apparently “love” Trump in Pennsylvania.

We Love Trump

Presidential candidate Joe Biden is setting up shop in the liberal city of Philadelphia to try to win the battleground state of Pennsylvania.

No sooner did Biden finish setting up his new headquarters than Trump scheduled a rally in Montoursville, PA.

Apparently, there are still quite a few conservatives in the battleground state that love their president, because the venue was packed to the gills. It was so crowded, in fact, Trump even hinted they may have to start finding bigger hangars to hold these rallies.

As Trump was speaking, a man yelled out of the audience, “We love you President Trump.” Trump immediately stopped his speech to jokingly profess his love for the man…

Stealing Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania holds 20 electoral votes. There are only four states with more electoral votes on the chart, and two of them are traditionally blue states.

Illinois is another state with 20 votes, and that went to Hillary Clinton as well during the 2016 presidential election. PA may very well be the key to winning the 2020 election.

Trump is no dummy, and he is already working to win over the state’s voters by campaigning there very early. He literally won the state by a whisker last time around and with Biden’s local ties to the state, the task is going to be much harder this time around.

However, even if Trump does not win PA, he can at least make Biden spend more money and time there than expected.

Trump’s best chance is to go after outlying areas where there is a higher concentration of conservatives because he will have no chance whatsoever in the larger cities such as Philadelphia.

That was his game plan last time and it will surely be the same again. If Trump manages to pull of this state again, Biden will have absolutely no chance of beating him.

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