President Trump stops his motorcade to thank firefighters for their work

Has there ever been a president that celebrated our first responders more than President Trump?

On Saturday, Trump had his driver slam on the brakes so he could get out and thank some local fireman.

Secret Service Nightmare

One cannot help but think Trump’s Secret Service detail knows they need to be at the ready all the time.

Because of the security dangers, most presidents stick to their planned route and rarely make unplanned stops.

For Trump, however, that seems to be the norm.

We have regularly seen him make stops so he could take a few minutes with local first responders and thank them for simply doing their job.

Thrill of a Lifetime

There have been thousands of first responders that stood by to protect their president.

But in many cases, the president they were helping protect never so much as waved at them.

Far too often, these individuals are taken for granted.

That is never the case with Trump, though.

At virtually every stop he makes, he makes sure first responders know that he’s grateful for them.

Stops like this are never planned for Trump.

The only way most of us ever even find out about them is because someone happens to have a phone recording at that precise moment.

To anyone that thinks these quick visits with first responders don’t mean anything, listen to the excitement in the background.

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You can actually hear one of the men say, “That’s awesome!” as the president makes his way to every man for a quick handshake and a picture.

This is simply unprecedented by a sitting president. Trump is setting the new standard for a president to be considered a man of the people, for the people.

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