Trump stokes Rubio VP speculation at Florida rally

 July 10, 2024

Donald Trump hyped up speculation about his vice-presidential pick at an energetic rally with Senator Marco Rubio (R) on Tuesday. 

Trump, speaking to a crowd in Miami, Florida, suggested Rubio may be the one to get the job. Miami has a large Republican-leaning Cuban population and Rubio is the son of Cuban immigrants.

"I think they probably think I’m going to be announcing that Marco’s going to be vice president," Trump said.

Trump teases Rubio

Rubio faced off with Trump in the 2016 Republican primary - Trump disparaged him as "Little Marco" at the time - but Rubio later emerged as a defender of Trump during his presidency.

Two other contenders who have received a great deal of press are relative newcomers.

Freshman senator J.D. Vance (Oh.) was a Trump critic in 2016 before shifting to become an outspoken Trump supporter.

North Dakota governor Doug Burgum (R) emerged from obscurity after mounting a long-shot primary challenge to Trump last year. Burgum, a billionaire who made his fortune in computers, is known for his low-key persona, a sharp contrast with the larger-than-life Trump.

Trump's rally in Doral, Florida on Tuesday fueled more speculation about Rubio, who gave a speech on stage. Trump teased Rubio over the VP rumors.

"Marco, you're going to vote for it, I hope. Well, you may or may not be there to vote for it. But you'll be involved," Trump said, alluding to his proposals to eliminate taxes on tips.

Residency issues

After months of teasing, Trump is expected to finally announce his running mate in the coming days ahead of the Republican National Convention, which starts Monday.

Due to 12th Amendment limitations, Rubio would need to move to a new state to join Trump on the ticket, since they both live in Florida.

Trump spoke about the issue during a podcast interview Wednesday with Brian Kilmeade, where Trump dropped more hints about Rubio, Vance, and Burgum.

"​​No, but it does make it more complicated … There are people that don't have that complication," Trump said of Rubio's Florida residency.

Trump also dismissed the notion that he is basing his decision on the possibility of Joe Biden being replaced.

"I think I'm pretty well set in my own mind, but you know, you got some good people, and I have changed a little bit, but you have, they're all great -- anyone would be fantastic."

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