Trump sees spike in support from Black voters following GOP convention: Poll

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden just got some devastating news.

According to Breitbart, a new poll showed that support for President Donald Trump among Black voters jumped up nine points following the Republican National Convention, which featured several speakers of color.

The Hill–Harris X poll found that Trump’s support from Black voters increased from 15% to 24% between Aug. 11 and Aug. 25. His approval among Hispanic voters also saw a smaller bump, from 30% to 32%, The Hill noted.

Diversity in the GOP

The Republican convention was intentional about showcasing diverse voices within the party, including longtime personal Trump friend Herschel Walker, who said definitively that Trump is not racist and described the president in laudatory personal terms.

During the convention, Trump also pardoned African Americans Jon Ponder for starting prison rehabilitation programs and Alice Johnson for her work with prison reform during the convention, according to reports. A naturalization ceremony was also held to celebrate legal immigration, and the widow of slain retired police commissioner David Dorn spoke movingly about her recent loss, as Fox News reported.

According to The Hill, the GOP said its convention got 25 million more views than last week’s Democratic National Convention, which speaks to the levels of enthusiasm for each candidate.

The Republican convention also featured more live speeches, while the Democrats’ convention had mostly prerecorded ones. The voices that spoke in support of Trump were earnest and sincere.

Trump gaining ground

Perhaps that’s at least partly why Trump has been performing so well in the polls since the convention was held last week. The Hill–Harris X poll showed an overall approval rating of 44% for Trump, but other polls are showing higher approval ratings.

A new Zogby poll, for instance, had Trump’s approval at 52% overall, with 36% of Black voters viewing the president favorably and 37% of Hispanic voters feeling the same, according to Breitbart.

If Trump can keep this up, it will be hard for his Democratic opponent to catch up as November draws closer.

For Trump, it’s not about demographics or trying to appeal to one race over others. He just wants people to see he cares about all Americans and makes policies that are beneficial for everyone, like he did when he created the best economy in history with record-low unemployment for members of minority communities before the pandemic hit.

It looks like voters are finally starting to realize that there’s only one candidate who has their best interests in mind — and it’s not Joe Biden.

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