Trump’s solution to border facility overcrowding: ‘Tell them not to come’

There has been a lot of negative coverage over the conditions at border detention facilities recently.

But according to The Daily Caller, President Donald Trump has a simple solution to those unhappy with our border facilities: “Tell them not to come.”

Bursting at the Seams

Bodies being stacked on top of each other is nothing new at border facilities. Many of these detention centers are only meant to hold a few hundred people at a time.

When we had immigrant problems during the Obama administration, the same thing was happening. The only difference, however, is that nobody in Congress cared and the media gave it no attention at all.

The only pictures that surfaced were largely due to alternative media outlets publicizing them. That overcrowding was the very reason the Obama administration ordered the building of the facilities we see on the news so often today, the very facilities AOC continues to rail about.

The intent was to keep children separated by both age and gender away from the adults. Recent Democrat posturing and openly supporting the decriminalization of the illegal immigration has created a massive rush at our borders, compounding the problem.

Don’t Come

The bulk of the humanitarian problems being experienced at the border all come down to the fact these facilities simply cannot handle the large numbers of illegal immigrants assaulting our borders.

If there were fewer illegals, facilities would not be running out of supplies, beds, and sleeping accommodations for the migrants.

Addressing that very issue, President Trump stated: “I think they do a great job with those facilities, but you know how it can be taken care of? Number one: Tell them not to come because it’s illegal.”

Trump also announced he is revisiting the ICE raids that were announced in June. Trump has delayed the raids by more than the two weeks he gave Democrats to present immigration reform legislation.

As expected, the Dems have done absolutely nothing to address the situation.

On Friday, Trump said the raids would be starting very soon, which will no doubt cause another wave of attacks from Democrats.

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