Poll: Trump slashes Biden lead, makes big gains among independent voters

While the mainstream media would have voters believe that President Donald Trump’s campaign is in dire straits, his re-election chances may be roaring back to life.

In a recent joint polling effort between Just the News and Scott Rasmussen, it was revealed that presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s previous 12-point lead has been reduced to a 7-point margin — and a closer look at the numbers offers even better news for Trump.

Trump gaining ground

Considering the utter failure of most major polling outlets to correctly predict the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, many Americans have been rightly skeptical about recent reports indicating a possible Biden landslide this fall.

Nevertheless, any sign that the president may be facing an uphill battle to win four more years in the Oval Office is cause for concern.

Still, the Just the News/Scott Rasmussen poll offers significant cause for optimism, and not just with regard to the topline finding.

Not only does the polling show that President Trump has slashed Biden’s overall lead by roughly half, but he has also made a 13-point gain among the all-important independent voters.

The Just the News/Scott Rasmussen poll was conducted between July 9 and July 11 and surveyed 1,200 registered voters.

Renewed focus required

While it is true that most mainstream polls currently give the electoral edge to Biden, there are many reasons to be suspicious of their validity, and these recent polling numbers illustrate that fact.

However, the Trump campaign must not grow complacent, and the president himself has recently made some policy statements that may cause unrest among his base, including a promise to issue a “big” executive order on immigration that includes a “road to citizenship” for those who fell under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, as Reuters reported.

The president needs to concentrate on effectively communicating to the American people the policy achievements of his administration thus far, rather than pushing legislation that may earn him the nod from some moderates, but will more than likely alienate a much larger number of his staunchest supporters.

By remaining focused and forcing Biden to emerge from his basement to face real questions on a daily basis, the stark choice voters face in this pivotal election will become all the more apparent.

If he can stay on point, avoid unforced errors on Twitter and elsewhere, and expose Biden for the empty vessel he is, President Trump’s re-election prospects are certain to improve.

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