Trump slams ‘RINO’ Barr as ‘spineless’ over refusal to probe voter fraud allegations

After then-President Donald Trump selected Bill Barr as attorney general, the two men were widely seen as political allies.

In a fiery statement released on Sunday, however, Trump made it clear that he was displeased with the former top law enforcement officer over a perceived failure to fully investigate alleged voter fraud and irregularities in November’s presidential election.

New tell-all book stirs the pot

According to Breitbart, Trump referred to Barr as a RINO, an acronym that stands for “Republican in name only.”

He went on to accuse the ex-attorney general of allowing the “crazed Radical Left” to succeed in essentially stealing the election.

The statement came in response to a recent article that included an excerpt from a forthcoming book by ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl that focuses on the final weeks of Trump’s term in office.

As the segment published by The Atlantic alleged, Barr’s “breakup” with Trump dated back to his assertion in December that he saw no real evidence of fraud played a decisive role in the outcome of the presidential race.

Barr subsequently sat down for multiple interviews with Karl, during which he called the fraud allegations “bulls***” and revealed that then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) urged him to publicly disavow Trump’s claims.

“So many incredible facts”

Of course, news of infighting between Barr and Trump quickly spread far and wide via social media, prompting Trump’s response on Sunday.

“RINO former Attorney General Bill Barr failed to investigate election fraud, and really let down the American people,” the ex-president wrote. “It’s people in authority like Bill Barr that allow the crazed Radical Left to succeed.”

Trump went on to insist that Barr and others in the GOP “are being used in order to try to convince people that the election was legitimate when so many incredible facts have now come out to show conclusively that it wasn’t.”

Referencing the assertion that “Barr was being pushed to tell lies about the election by Mitch McConnell” to protect Republican U.S. Senate candidates in Georgia, the former president added: “What really damaged the Senate Republicans was allowing their races to be rigged and stolen, and worse, the American people to no longer believe their vote matters because spineless RINOs like Bill Barr and Mitch McConnell did nothing.”

At this point, it seems safe to say that if Trump launches a 2024 White House bid, Barr will not be called on to reprise his role at the held of the Department of Justice.

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