Trump slams Newsweek over negative coverage

Newsweek, a publication that was once considered among the elite news agencies in the country, made a major gaffe over the holiday weekend.

While Trump was serving up lunches to troops in Afghanistan, Newsweek was touting a story that Trump was playing golf — and Trump had no problem at all calling them out over it with a jab of his own, according to the New York Post.

Bad reporting

The story by Newsweek was just bad reporting all around. The journalist tasked with the story, Jessica Kwong, reportedly had to turn her story in on Wednesday.

When the original headline went out, it reported that Trump spent Thanksgiving tweeting and golfing. Kwong even sent out her own tweet recapping the headline. Unfortunately for Kwong, just as she was doing that, footage of Trump in Afghanistan with the troops was being released.

She claimed it was an honest mistake, but it was really sloppy reporting and even sloppier editing by a publication that was determined to publish a negative piece on Trump.

Publications like Newsweek never had a problem with Barack Obama played golf over the holidays (or just about every day, for that matter), yet they go out of their way to blast Trump anytime he steps out of the Oval Office.

Sooner or later, that style of reporting was going to hurt them, and it finally did just that.

Trump’s trip

One of the reason’s Newsweek was caught off guard was because the White House went to extreme measures to keep the Afghanistan trip quiet for security reasons.

Decoy vehicles were seen leaving from the Mar-a-Lago resort while Trump was whisked away in an SUV to be taken to the airport.

Both the airstrip and plane were kept in the dark during takeoff so nobody would see Air Force One take off.

Reporters taken on the trip were told they had to surrender their cell phones and were not told the destination of the trip until they were well underway.

All these measures were taken to ensure Trump’s safety, but they also had the added benefit of exposing the negative manner in which the press treats Trump and this entire administration.

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