‘Imagine it was me’: Trump Jr. slams media for ignoring latest Hunter Biden scandal

Recently published text messages to and from Hunter Biden revealed that the president’s son was quite comfortable using racial slurs, though much of the mainstream media opted to downplay or ignore the story.

In an exclusive interview with the Washington Examiner, Donald Trump Jr. blasted new outlets for seemingly ignoring any news that might paint President Joe Biden in a negative light.

“What would they do?”

He went on to note that many predictions made by his own father, former President Donald Trump, are apparently coming to pass.

The younger Trump raised the question of how the media might respond if he or his brother, Eric, had been caught in a situation similar to Hunter Biden. He came to the conclusion that a left-leaning media landscape would run non-stop stories packed with manufactured outrage.

Of course, when the younger Biden is caught using the n-word repeatedly in text messages, the story results in comparatively fewer headlines.

The racially charged texts were sent to his attorney, George Mesires, who is also white, as recently as 2019.

“Imagine it was me for a second,” Trump said. “Imagine that I had those text messages. Imagine that those things leaked. What would they do? What [CNN anchor] Don Lemon would do for, I don’t know, like, three weeks straight? They’d have a nonstop telethon talking about the issue, how that I’m the worst human being in the world.”

“Utter silence from the left”

He went on to assert that Hunter Biden and his father seem to have a perpetual “pass” to escape media scrutiny in the face of possible scandals, describing the situation as “insanity.”

Of course, some critics did weigh in on social media in light of the Biden texts, including Twitter users who managed to promote the hashtag “#RacistHunter” for a short time.

Fox News and National Review contributor Deroy Murdock nevertheless echoed Trump’s assessment, predicting that demonstrators would immediately take to the streets if a Republican had been caught up in a similar controversy.

“If this were any Republican who did this, [Black Lives Matter] would be in the streets, Antifa would probably be breaking windows,” he said. “But it’s the son of the president of the United States, it’s Hunter Biden, it’s a Democrat, so [he receives] not just a pass, but total, complete, utter silence from the left.”

The elder Biden has also had his share of questionable race-related remarks, including an interview during the presidential campaign during which he declared that voters who did not support him in the election “ain’t Black.”

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