President Trump slams ‘one-sided media’ after series of firings at BuzzFeed, Huffington Post

The rash of fake news is taking its toll on the media — and President Donald Trump has taken notice.

Trump ripped both BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post on Twitter on Saturday, blaming shoddy journalism for recent layoffs at the publications.

Falling Fast

Last week, BuzzFeed was the latest news organization to print a fake news story — and it came back to bite them big time.

The organization wrongly reported that President Donald Trump had instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress during his testimony.

The report was so misleading, in fact, that even Robert Mueller’s office came out to debunk it with a formal statement.

This, of course, is on the tail end of the first lady winning a lawsuit against the publication for yet another bogus story that came out about her a few months back.

Then, BuzzFeed was forced to lay off more than 200 workers, roughly 15 percent of the entire staff, last week.

For their part, the liberal Huffington Post laid off 20 reporters.

Liberal Backlash

Several liberal voices went after Trump for his tweet lamenting the layoffs as though he was mocking the individuals who had just lost their jobs — but that was not the case.

Trump was simply pointing out that had these outlets been a bit more honest in their reporting, perhaps they would not be faced with the current dilemma.

Rather than actually verifying stories, many outlets simply go with hot headlines to try to gain clicks.

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The digital age of journalism has demanded that every outlet fight to be the first with the story — to hell with the facts.

But that attitude has now cost hundreds of people’s their jobs.

Hopefully, this will be a hard lesson learned for news agencies and maybe, just maybe, the American people will actually start to see the truth printed rather than fiction.

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