Trump slams Fox News, says ‘an alternative’ outlet is necessary

Political commentary on Fox News — as well as many of the network’s recent executive and editorial decisions — has not been to Donald Trump’s liking recently, and he let the network know about it in a big way this past weekend.

Late Sunday afternoon, Trump sent a series of blistering tweets aimed at the network, calling for an alternative news source that will not feed into the Democrat narrative, The Hill reported.

Leftward drift at Fox

Fox News was less than pleased about being snubbed last year by the Democrat National Committee (DNC) when it excluded the network from participating its party’s 2020 primary debates.

Network executives have since made several moves that have many of its loyal viewers and Trump supporters questioning whether Fox is starting to deliberately shift leftward in order to gain favor among Democrats.

For instance, the network made an open offer to leading Democrat candidates to hold Town Hall broadcasts during the primary season, and Donna Brazile, former chairwoman of the DNC, was added as a regular contributor to the network in a decision that sent hardline conservatives through the roof.

Recently, Bret Baier interviewed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and while he did offer some hard-hitting follow-up questions for the progressive firebrand, he left her largely unchecked on some her more controversial statements. Meanwhile, Chris Wallace, who was once among the more balanced political voices on the network, has gone into a blatant attack mode when interviewing conservatives or Republicans, while cutting considerable slack to liberal and Democrat guests.

Trump’s frustration surrounding this issue clearly took its toll, and he unleashed a scanthing rant against the network via Twitter to which the left is pointing as evidence that the president is at last coming totally unhinged.

Striking the right balance

Right now, Fox News is the only major network willing to cut Trump any slack at all, with primetime opinion hosts such as Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham among his staunchest supporters, and launching into broad-based public attacks on it is a dangerous strategy indeed.

One America News Network (OANN) is an upstart media outlet that is on the rise and that continues to back Trump no matter what he says or does, and while the organization does have a place in the White House press corps, it continues to struggle to gain broader legitimacy simply due to its unwavering support of Trump.

Ultimately, Trump would probably be far better served to calmly and factually counter any news stories he deems to be incorrect — regardless of where they originate — than to explode on Twitter and provide additional fodder for the liberal media mob.

While Trump’s base surely loves the frank communication with the American people for which he has become known, there is a very real risk that by assailing any and all media outlets who criticize him, he will begin to alienate the more moderate conservative voters he needs on his side this November.

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