Trump slams ‘ineffective’ Rove, urges supporters to redirect donations

Former President Donald Trump has made no attempt to hide his distaste for prominent members of the Republican Party’s establishment wing.

In a scathing statement released on Friday, he made it clear that former President George W. Bush’s chief adviser, Karl Rove, is on his list of GOP opponents.

“He has played the game for decades”

Trump lambasted Rove, who is now a Fox News Channel contributor, and urged his own supporters to donate to populist causes linked to his own political movement instead of establishment groups with ties to Rove.

It was unclear from its context if there was any catalyst responsible for prompting the former president’s statement, but Rove recently held a Republican Party retreat in Texas that featured several prominent members of the party — including potential GOP presidential candidates. Trump was excluded from the event.

The 45th president released the statement through his political action committee, Save America.

“Everyone is so tired of watching Karl Rove on Fox News,” Trump wrote. “He has played the game for decades, but all he and his buddies want to do is take your money and run.”

Going on to call Rove “totally ineffective,” Trump asserted that he does not represent the same values as those who endorse the “Make America Great Again” movement.

“He flew the coop”

“He called me on the evening of November 3rd, Election Night, to congratulate me on my ‘great win,'” the statement continued. “When it was revealed the election was rigged and stolen, he flew the coop.”

Trump concluded by suggesting his supporters could make political donations “far more wisely” by contributing directly to his own committee. Of course, the most recent remarks were not the first Trump has used to target Rove, who has also taken the opportunity to express criticism of the former president from time to time.

The most recent notable example occurred in March when Rove published an op-ed blaming Trump for GOP losses in two U.S. Senate special elections in Georgia.

“Karl Rove has been losing for years, except for himself,” Trump said in response, labeling the long-time Republican consultant “a RINO” — or Republican in Name Only — “of the highest order.”

Trump went on to attack Rove at length, suggesting that the Republican Party and Fox News would be better off without him.

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