Trump announces six major promises as part of a second-term agenda

Many of President Donald Trump’s critics focused on a recent flub during an interview with Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity during which it appeared he did not have an easily identifiable agenda for his second term.

This week, he put such concerns to rest by revealing a plan that would address six key issues through a series of specific promises, as reported by Just the News.

“Six more promises”

As his supporters would argue based on a number of fronts, Trump has done an impressive job of keeping the promises he made during the 2016 election.

Despite constant opposition by Democratic leaders in Congress, the Trump administration has delivered in multiple ways, including a large number of conservative judicial appointments.

Along with the serious crises America currently faces, however, the need for a clear executive vision in the coming years is undeniable. For that reason, the president’s earlier remarks in response to Hannity’s question about a second-term platform struck many is inadequate.

During a recent visit to a Whirlpool plant in Ohio, however, Trump addressed the matter directly.

“I’m making our incredible workers six more promises that I will keep over the next four years,” he declared.

A breakdown of his platform

His top vow consisted of defeating COVID-19 by presenting Americans with both an effective vaccine and treatment options.

The economy followed, with Trump promising to restore its earlier successes in the aftermath of widespread economic shutdowns caused by the ongoing public health crisis.

Thirdly, Trump vowed to transform the U.S. into a bigger international player in the pharmaceutical industry, which has already shown some recent progress with a massive loan to Kodak for the manufacture of drug components. Subsequent reports, however, show that the ambitious plans are currently on hold.

The president rounded out his second-term platform with promises to create more domestic manufacturing jobs, return jobs that have been relocated overseas, and protect American workers from unfair outsourcing.

While these are undoubtedly big goals, so were many of those he made four years ago. As Trump has proven over the past four years, he is sure to continue fighting on behalf of the Americans who elected him.

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