Trump signs order to help jump-start US economic recovery

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump has decided that he’s going to jump-start the nation’s economic recovery by deregulating — rather than adding more overbearing restrictions on companies that are already struggling.

According to the Daily Caller, Trump signed an executive order Thursday aimed at “expediting various infrastructure projects as a means of boosting post-coronavirus economic recovery.”

Boosting the economy

More than 35 million Americans found themselves out of work due to lockdowns and business closures prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, as Forbes reported — and though unemployment numbers are going down, there’s still much work to be done.

Indeed, the riots that have emerged out of protests over the death of 46-year-old George Floyd in police custody early last week have only added to the number of businesses shut down. Now, the Trump administration is taking steps to help Americans get back to work.

According to the Daily Caller, the White House said “that the order directs federal agencies to ignore certain environmental regulations that slow construction.”

Some of the regulations will only be temporarily suspended, but the order will also allow government agencies to identify regulations that can be removed permanently.

Power to the people

Conservatives, who by and large want less governmental power, are celebrating this move for several reasons.

For one, it will help encourage a robust economy as the nation reopens and starts to fix the damage left behind by widespread riots and coronavirus-related business closures.

Secondly, the move marks one of the few times in America’s history that a president has tried to decrease governmental power in the midst of a crisis.

“Typically when our country has faced a crisis, Washington responds by grabbing more power,” Russ Vought, the Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), told the Daily Caller.

He went on: “President Trump understands that to get the economy moving, the power needs to be given back to the people and entrepreneurs.”

This is likely just the first of many moves that will be made by this administration to prove to the American people that Trump is the man who should be at the helm as the nation attempts an economic recovery. Would anyone really prefer Joe Biden to be captain of this ship?

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