President Trump signs his border wall in San Diego

One of the biggest promises of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign was his vow to build a wall at the U.S.–Mexico border. Now, after reallocating funds from the Pentagon, the border wall project is firmly underway.

According to The Hill, Trump himself stopped by this week to see the progress — and he left his mark in a big way.

Take a look at the president leaving his John Hancock on his famed wall:

Build that wall!

Trump supporters have been waiting for almost two years for the border wall project to begin.

While smaller sections of the border wall have been under construction for months, the bulk of the project was being held up by lack of funding.

Since Congress was unable to pass legislation that would fund the wall, President Trump decided to divert funding from other areas of the government to build the border wall.

After months of court battles, the Supreme Court finally ruled that the president was well within his rights to divert the funding, and now, the project is moving full steam ahead.

Dems don’t get it

One of the biggest roadblocks to getting the wall built was the Democrats’ belief that we did not need the wall in the first place.

Dems have been willing to pony up money for technology and staffing, but the border wall has always been a no-go because they knew it was a major campaign promise for Trump. As long as they could keep him from building it, they could say he did not deliver on his promise.

While Democrats insist a border wall is nothing more than window dressing, the facts tell a different story. Experts estimate that 90% of the heroin that comes into this country through the southern border. The wall will help prevent illegal crossings, human trafficking, and, yes, drug smuggling.

This is far more about keeping our country safe than it is about keeping a campaign promise, but Democrats will never see it that way.

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