Trump shuts down CNN’s Jim Acosta after question in England

President Donald Trump just landed a huge blow in his everlasting battle with CNN.

When Jim Acosta tried to ask a question during Trump’s press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May, he shut him right down, stating: “CNN is fake news. I don’t take questions from CNN.”

Roberts Takes the Heat

After Trump shut down Acosta, he gave the next question to John Roberts from Fox News.

Immediately after the presser, Roberts took some flak from some of his fellow journalists.

Several of them pointed to other networks sticking up for Fox News during the Obama years.

More than a few, however, understood why Roberts moved forward with his question.

Getting the president to answer a question during a presser is very competitive, and being one of the chosen puts you ahead of everyone else.

It was quite obvious that Trump was not going to answer any question from Acosta, so why ostracize yourself by defending him?

After the Fact

Roberts did do the honorable thing, however, and defended several of the journalists that were singled out by Trump for their affiliations with a specific network after the press conference was over.

“[Kirsten Welker] is honest as the day is long,” Roberts said. “For the President to call her dishonest is unfair.”

Scott Horsley, the NPR White House correspondent, defended Roberts, stating: “I don’t share the view that it was John Roberts’ responsibility to defend CNN or the news media generally.”

He added, “I’m not averse to the idea that we somehow back each other up. But I don’t think any reporter is obligated to yield his spot.”

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It is also worth noting that CNN has published stories hammering Fox News when it made a mistake on more than one occasion, yet continues to overlook stories on its own network that have proven to be false.

One thing we do know: this feud between Trump and liberal-slanted mainstream media outlets is nowhere near over.

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