Rep. Zeldin suggests Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize for North Korea progress

Rep. Lee Zeldin just put the entire world on its ear with one simple sentence about President Donald J. Trump.

After Trump made an historic announcement about North Korea, Rep. Zeldin stated, “He [Trump] would actually be earning that Nobel Peace Prize, unlike his predecessor who got it beforehand.”

Promoting Peace with a Big Stick

North Korea has been a thorn in our side since anyone can remember.

The country has instigated problems and all but dared past presidents to go to war.

Kim Jong-un tried to do that same dance with Trump, but he quickly found out he was messing with a different type of president.

After conducting missile tests that had everyone on edge, Trump let it be known he was not about to let this continue.

Both Trump and Mattis toed the line and dared Kim to cross it one more time.

Suddenly, Kim backed down rather than face the wrath of the United States military.

He was quick to realize THIS president was not about to let him hold fear over the head of our cherished allies.

Kim’s daily threats subsided and the North Korean leader, for the first time in memory, discussed coming to the table to talk about denuclearizing the Korean peninsula.

The Announcement

Late Friday afternoon, Trump made the announcement that started to bring the Nobel Peace Prize into the discussion.

The President tweeted that North Korea had agreed to stop conducting nuclear tests.

In addition, Kim was going to close down one of his major test sites.

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The summit meeting with Kim Jong-un is fast approaching.

If Trump is able to pull of this summit and get North Korea to end its nuclear program, it would be hard to argue anyone more deserving of this award.

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