Trump says Sessions ‘blew it’ by recusing himself from Russia probe

President Donald Trump flipped the tables on his former attorney general over the weekend, saying in a series of tweets that Jeff Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Russia collusion probe “ruined many lives,” The Hill reported.

“You had your chance [and] you blew it,” Trump wrote, making it clear that he won’t be supporting Sessions’ Senate run in Alabama. The president instead endorsed Sessions’ Republican primary opponent, former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville, The Hill noted.

“Coach [Tuberville] will be a GREAT Senator!” Trump tweeted. 

Sessions responds

While Sessions did respond to Trump’s tirade, he kept his cool and emphasized why he thought he was a good candidate for Senate, where he spent 20 years before becoming Trump’s first attorney general.

“Look, I know your anger, but recusal was required by law,” Sessions wrote to the president, according to The Hill. “I did my duty [and] you’re damn fortunate I did. It protected the rule of law [and] resulted in your exoneration. Your personal feelings don’t dictate who Alabama picks as their senator, the people of Alabama do.”

Sessions went on to explain why he thinks he’s the better Senate candidate, pointing out that Tuberville doesn’t even agree with some of Trump’s priorities, like trade with China and bringing in foreign workers.

Sessions and Tuberville will face off in a primary runoff election after neither candidate got the required 50% of votes required, as CNBC reported in March. In fact, Sessions trailed Tuberville by more than 12,000 votes in the first primary, and now is in a prolonged campaign season because the coronavirus outbreak pushed the runoff from March 31 to July 14.

Flipping it red

The winner of the runoff election will face incumbent Sen. Doug Jones (D) in the fall. The seat is considered to be a good shot for Republicans to flip back to red, since Jones only narrowly beat GOP candidate Roy Moore in the last election after Moore was accused of sexual misconduct involving underage girls.

Another point that could bode well for Republicans in November: Alabama is not a big mail-in voting state, with strict absentee ballot rules for absence, required work, or illness only.

If Democrats continue to display high levels of fear regarding the coronavirus, they will be at a disadvantage at the polls in November that could sweep any number of Republicans into office.

But that’s only fair, considering that the left-wing media created the majority of that fear and has stoked it because they thought it would hurt Trump in November. It’s always a treat when the left’s nefarious strategies come back to bite them.

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