Trump serenaded in Rose Garden on his birthday

President Trump got a nice surprise as he walked out into the Rose Garden on Friday afternoon.

Just as Trump was arriving at the podium, the crowd that had gathered to hear him speak started singing “Happy Birthday” to the delight of the President.

Gushing Well Wishes

Trump rightfully assumed the crowd was going to approve of what he had to say on Friday.

His comments on health care, however, took a back seat to the steady flow of well-wishes Trump received on his 73rd birthday.

Every one of his children had been flooding social media throughout the day with a full timeline of pictures of the President. Additionally, Eric Jr., and Ivanka posted pictures of the President at different times with his grandchildren.

Everyone wanted to know what Trump’s plans were for his birthday. The President informed everyone it would be business as usual.

However, he did say that he was going to take some time to enjoy a delicious slice of birthday cake later in the day.

Back to Business

There was some business to discuss, however, on Friday. Once the serenade was over, Trump announced some new healthcare policies his administration is planning on implementing.

The big initiative in the policy will be a welcome break for small business owners as well as a huge benefit for employees.

The administration will allow business owners to give their employees a tax-free supplement that can then be used by the employee to purchase their own health care.

This would enable people to pick their own insurance rather than have Obamacare rammed down their throat or be forced to choose from limited options that would be affordable for the business.

Of course, Nancy Pelosi would not let that stand, as she immediately launched another attack against Trump and promised to not only block any attempts to repeal Obamacare but to actually expand it.

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