Trump dispatches Mike Pence to Turkey to negotiate ceasefire

Last week, President Donald Trump approved the withdrawal of American troops from northern Syria.

Now, with Turkey stepping up its offensive in the area and attacking our Kurdish allies, President Trump sent Vice President Mike Pence overseas to discuss the situation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and to negotiate a ceasefire, the Daily Mail reports.

Trump’s Stance

Trump removed our forces from Syria because he does not believe the risk is worth the reward in the area.

He is sick and tired of seeing American troops return home in a box for causes he believes offer little benefit to the United States.

That, however, does not mean Trump is still not trying to keep ISIS from achieving a resurgence.

After the troops were ordered to leave and Turkey went on the offensive, President Trump initiated a series of crippling sanctions against Turkey.

Many believe the sanctions, if kept in place, will demolish Turkey’s economy, which has been President Trump’s mode of operation in recent months to persuade other nations to accede to his wishes.

Democrat Criticism, Administration Success

Democrats, obviously, have been very critical of the move by Trump, as have some Republicans.

Those on the left believe Trump is abandoning our Kurdish allies and introduced legislation to prevent the withdrawal of troops (and the legislation passed the House with bipartisan support).

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who is among those opposing the withdrawal, stated that he had high hopes that Pence’s visit would begin to repair some of the damage.

On Thursday afternoon, McConnell’s optimism was rewarded by the announcement of a ceasefire agreement with Turkey that will facilitate the withdrawal of Kurdish forces from the embattled area, ABC News reports.

With any luck, this impressive achievement will begin to quiet some of the critics and help vindicate the president’s position on the matter.

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