Trump says U.S. has no 'real elections,' so he's pushing these fixes

June 26, 2023
World Net Daily

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America needs to return to paper ballots for its elections, charges President Donald Trump.

Otherwise, they're not "real elections."

He made the comments during a recent address to Republicans in Oakland County, Michigan.

The comments drew another round of media claims that his charges the 2020 presidential race was stolen by Democrats were "false."

But that may all be determined by the definition of stolen, as while there were not enough fraudulent votes to change the results, there were other factors that likely did.

One of those factors was the $400 million plus that Mark Zuckerberg handed out, mostly to leftist election officials, who often used the freebies to solicit votes from Democrat districts.

American elections never before had been subjected to the influence of a directed money campaign of that size.

Further, it was the FBI that instructed social media and other outlets to suppress accurate reporting on the scandalous details about the Biden clan revealed in a laptop Hunter Biden abandoned at a repair shop.

At the time, the FBI knew the laptop was real, but it claimed those revelations to be Russian disinformation, a claim that by now has proven to be false.

A survey by the Media Research Center after the election discovered that had that reporting been more widely available to voters, enough would have dropped their support for Biden to cost him several swing states, which likely would have cost him the election.

Now a report in The Hill reveals Trump offering further criticism of the election systems in America – which largely are based on programmable voting machines.

The report notes Trump explained "he saved the steel industry in Michigan by placing tariffs on foreign aluminum and steel when he was president. He said that there would be no country without steel, borders or elections, which he said were 'fake' in the U.S."

He said the nation should return to paper ballots, should have all voting on Election Day, and should have requirements for voter ID.

Currently, most jurisdictions use those programmable voting tabulators. Also voting in many areas goes on for weeks ahead of Election Day – and sometimes even for days after.

And only some locations insist that voters be able to document their residency and status as American citizens.

Trump explained there are those who "want no voter ID because they want to cheat. … They never want any of that stuff [ID, paper ballots, and same-day voting] because they want to cheat on elections."

His opinions appear to be in alignment with many.

The report said, "Nearly 40 percent of Republicans in a poll ahead of the midterms last year said they would blame voter fraud if the GOP did not regain control of Congress."

Further, it cited a recent survey that revealed three in 10 Americans say Biden won in 2020 because of "voter fraud."

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