Trump says Judge Andrew Napolitano asked for Supreme Court appointment, pardon for friend

With his latest op-ed, Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano has quit pretending to be unbiased against President Donald Trump.

On Saturday, President Trump said that the reason that is happening is because Trump refused to appoint him to the Supreme Court.


According to the president, Napolitano came to him to be considered for the Supreme Court.

Trump said he told him no, which is when Napolitano started railing against him.

While we fully expect pushback from Napolitano on this, he loses a lot of credibility based on his turnaround.

We don’t know when this meeting took place, but we do know Napolitano did a 180 against Trump after years of defending the conservative narrative on Fox News.

In the early days of the Trump administration, Napolitano often defended the president’s policies.

Additionally, in 2017, Politico reported that Napolitano had told friends, “Trump said I’m on the list” of judges in consideration for the Supreme Court, according to an unnamed source.

Time to Go

If President Trump’s statement is true, the time has come for Fox News to let Napolitano go.

If he is now inserting his own personal dislike of Trump into his opinion, viewers are no longer getting sound legal analysis.

Napolitano went from being one of the loudest voices calling out the Obama administration and British intelligence for wiretapping Trump Towers in March 2017 to saying Trump could be guilty of obstruction in April 2019.

Clearly something happened to change his mind about Trump…

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