Trump says it was 'probably' a mistake to put Wray atop the FBI

July 15, 2023
Robert Ayers

Former President Donald Trump says that he "probably" made a mistake by choosing to make Christopher Wray the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 

Trump made the remark during an interview that he recently did on Fox Business. The interview is set to air in its entirety on Sunday, July 16.

But, a portion of it has been released early. And, it is in this pre-released portion that Trump says that it was "probably" a mistake to hire Wray.

Trump, in addition, places the blame for Wray's hiring on an individual who has become one of Trump's top critics: former New Jersey Gov. Christ Christie (R).


The pre-released portion of the interview that Trump did with Fox Business was broadcasted on Friday by Fox host Maria Bartiromo, during her program, Mornings with Maria. 

Here's how Bartiromo introduced the clip:

President Trump reacting to this week’s Judiciary Committee hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray. I spoke with the 45th President…we started our conversation with a look at the upcoming debate and whether he will participate, and I got his reaction to the FBI Director defending [against] the charges of weaponization and [politicization] at the FBI.

The debate that Bartiromo is referring to is the Republican Party debate that is scheduled for this August. Trump has yet to commit to participating in the debate, and this has led to lots of political commentary on the issue.

But, as for Wray, this past week, Wray provided testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. The hearing centered around allegations that the FBI, under Wray's leadership, has become politicized and weaponized.

Wray did his best not to answer any important questions, by invoking a variety of excuses, including that he can't remember, he doesn't have knowledge, and he can't speak about it.

"Probably" a mistake

During the interview, Bartiromo asked Trump, "Was it a mistake to put Christopher Wray there?" - by which Bartiromo meant atop the FBI.

"I mean, obviously, the FBI is not following any of the things that you’re talking about," Bartiromo added.

"Yeah, sadly, it probably was," Trump replied.

Then, Trump added this: "You know, he was recommended very strongly by Chris Christie, who’s a sad case. I mean, I watch him. He’s a sad case."

Christie, as mentioned earlier, has become one of Trump's chief Republican critics. And, Trump has not held back with regard to his opinion of Christie. If what Trump says is true - that Christie is largely responsible for Wray's hiring - it will come as no surprise to many.

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