Trump suggests Sanders ‘has lost his chance’ after heart attack

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is recovering after suffering a heart attack last week that could jeopardize his presidential aspirations.

President Donald Trump is understandably skeptical that Sanders will be able to retain the confidence of the Democrat party. “It looks like Bernie lost his chance, right?” Trump suggested at a campaign rally in Louisiana.

Trump went on to speculate that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is the most likely candidate to garner the support of Bernie’s potentially unmoored supporters.

“It looks like when Bernie gets out, which seems inevitable when Bernie gets out, it looks like those will go to your radical leftist Elizabeth Warren,” he noted.

Sanders at Risk

Having undergone emergency surgery after his heart attack, Sanders is currently taking a short break from the campaign trail.

But the socialist candidate insists that he’s not going to give up. In an attempt to demonstrate his health, Sanders even posted a video of himself swinging a baseball bat this week.

But Bernie Sanders is 78 years old and he clearly doesn’t have much left in the tank. Being the leader of the free world is not for the faint of heart, and his heart is literally becoming weaker by the day.

Trump is spot on, though. Out of the top three Democrats, Warren is the healthiest. Biden has been showing a lot of red flags suggesting a lack of stamina and strength, and a heart attack like the one Sanders just had is not a good sign.

Time to Bow Out?

Bernie Sanders needs to seriously consider bowing out, for the sake of his own health — and for the sake of his party’s chance at beating Trump.

Even if his health can withstand the rigors of the campaign trail, the stress that comes along with residing in the White House is another challenge altogether.

Of course, the political is personal with Sanders and this is his highest aspiration. It would be a shame to spend so much energy to eventually lose out to Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren.

Sanders needs to choose and hopefully, he will make the right choice.

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