President Trump sacks Defense Business Board members, replaces them with loyalists

President Donald Trump fired several members of the Pentagon’s Defense Business Board on Friday as he cleans house ahead of his potential departure from the White House in January, Politico reported.

The president also replaced those members with new personnel who are loyal to his agenda and his plans in the Pentagon. He has been quite busy the past few weeks cleaning out the Defense Department and replacing those he let go with those who support his policies.

The members of the board who were let go reportedly received a short message saying, “If you are receiving this e-mail, your membership on the Defense Business Board has expired or is coming to an end.”

Final acts

Barring a major revelation in the legal battle over the election, Trump will likely be leaving the White House in January and his final acts will be these moves to clean up the various departments of the executive.

The Defense Business Board is made up of industry and academic personnel who provide independent business advice to the Pentagon. The influence such a board of individuals would have is substantial and a place on the Defense Business Board is certainly a lucrative position.

The members who were let go were Arnold Punaro, Atul Vashistha, John O’Connor, David Venlet, Paul Dolan, Scott Dorn, David Walker, and David Van Slyke.

Trump replaced them with Corey Lewandowski, David Bossie, Henry Dreifus, Robert McMahon, Cory Mills, Bill Bruner, Christopher Shank, Joseph Schmidt, Keary Miller, Allen Weh, and Earl Matthews.

Lewandowski has been closely tied to the president for years and his new position will give him the ability to continue influencing the Pentagon even if Trump leaves the White House.

Still fighting

Trump is at the end of his term in office and if Biden wins, he will be able to undo any changes that Trump makes.

Nevertheless, Trump is making the most of the time he has and continues to fight election results in multiple key states.

Despite giving the green light to begin the transition to the next administration, Trump indicated he isn’t giving up the fight.

On Nov. 23, after giving the General Services Administration permission to begin the transition process, Trump tweeted: “Our case STRONGLY continues, we will keep up the good fight and I believe we will prevail!”

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