Trump rushed from press briefing after Secret Service shoots man outside White House: Report

President Donald Trump was quickly evacuated from a press conference at the White House on Monday after a shooting outside that left one man dead, as reported by CNBC.

Authorities indicate Secret Service agents encountered a man near the White House and opened fire when he appeared to reach for a weapon from shooting stance.

“Somebody has been taken to the hospital”

The individual who was fatally shot was identified only as a 51-year-old male.

Trump was absent from the briefing room for several minutes after he was ushered out by his security detail. Upon returning, he addressed the unexplained interruption.

“There was an actual shooting, and somebody has been taken to the hospital,” he said. “I don’t know the condition of the person.”

In a subsequent statement, the Secret Service confirmed that the man approached a post near the White House and told the officer that he had a weapon. The suspect then reportedly charged the officer, who responded by firing once and hitting the man in the torso.

The man and the officer were reportedly transported to George Washington University Hospital. Upon investigation, authorities determined the man had not been carrying a firearm, one local law enforcement official said.

“They’re the best, they’re highly trained”

As of the latest information available, his motive remains unknown. Regardless of the actual threat this individual posed, Trump lauded those tasked with protecting him for their diligence.

“I feel very safe with Secret Service,” he said. “They’re fantastic people, they’re the best, they’re highly trained.”

Officials further noted that no one breached the White House complex and none of the individuals being protected by Secret Service agents were in any danger during the incident.

Of course, this week’s news is just the latest report of violence in the area. Destructive protests in May reportedly prompted agents to briefly secure the president in a bunker.

Trump has plenty of important issues to tackle in the final months before Election Day. Like the Secret Service agents responsible for his physical safety, he will need to continue performing his duties in peak form even in the face of constant threats.

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