Did President Trump talk to Roger Stone about a possible pardon? Stone says ‘absolutely, positively not’

Roger Stone was arrested over the weekend for charges lodged against him by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but the former Trump campaign adviser has remained relaxed in media appearances since then, leading some to speculate that the president has promised Stone a pardon if he is convicted.

But Stone himself put that rumor to rest this weekend. When asked if Trump had put a pardon on the table, Stone said: “Absolutely, positively not!”

The Charges

The FBI arrested Stone at his Florida home before dawn on Friday in what many have described as an over-the-top raid better fit for a drug lord.

More than a dozen FBI agents were on the scene, armed with automatic weapons and wearing full body gear.

We know this because CNN just happened to be there when it all went down.

Stone is now being charged with obstruction of justice, witness tampering, and lying under oath — not exactly the magnitude of charges one would expect to see, considering the manpower the FBI dedicated to Stone’s arrest.

But Stone isn’t letting the government’s poor treatment of him hurt his opinion of President Trump.

After he was released, Stone made it clear he will not turn on Trump and make statements that are untrue simply to get himself out of hot water.

More than a few media outlets speculated that was because he already knew Trump was going to pardon him — but that simply isn’t the case, at least according to Stone.

Hitting Back

Meanwhile, Stone, who left Trump’s team in 2015, maintains that he did nothing wrong.

While he is charged with lying about his service as a liaison between Trump and WikiLeaks ahead of the group’s leak of Hillary Clinton campaign emails, Stone has said he is completely innocent.

“I never discussed these matters with the president, and everything I did regarding trying to get as much public attention to the WikiLeaks disclosures among voters, among the media, is constitutionally-protected free speech,” Stone said.

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He added: “That’s what I engaged in – it’s called politics, and they haven’t criminalized it, at least not yet.”

But with the way things are headed, who knows how long that will be true?

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