RNC, Trump campaign raise record $14 million on Trump’s birthday

June 14 is Flag Day, but it also happens to be President Donald Trump’s birthday, and boy did he get a pretty good surprise.

While Democratic candidate Joe Biden enlisted Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to help him raise funds, the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign hauled in a record $14 million, shattering the previous one-day online record for the campaign, Fox News reported.

The money war

Prior to Super Tuesday, Joe Biden’s campaign was on life support. But between the South Carolina win and the surprising dominant performance on Super Tuesday, the floodgates have started to open for the former vice president.

It was as though Democrat donors were waiting on the sidelines until a clear-cut leader surfaced and once Biden captured the momentum, liberals started to write checks with Biden’s name on them. Biden had an exceptional April, raising $60 million compared to Trump’s $61 million.

The problem, though, was that Biden was still well behind, with estimates saying that his war chest was trailing Trump’s by about $150 million or more.

Big day, big month

The Biden campaign followed up April with an $80 million haul in May, according to a CNBC report. Biden is now estimated to have more than $100 million in his war chest as the campaign season is expected to go full bore very soon.

While Trump’s campaign has not yet divulged its May numbers (those numbers do not have to be turned in until Saturday), the RNC and Trump did have a rather exceptional June 14.

Through a total of three outlets, the campaign raked in a total of $14 million, breaking an online record that had stood since October 19, 2016. The overall record for a 24-hour haul is $25 million, which Trump raised in the 24 hours following his re-election announcement.

It was also noted that while Biden’s average donation was $30, Trump’s average donation was $46.

Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, stated, “The grassroots support behind President Trump’s re-election is something no campaign as ever seen.”

That support is evident by the number of ticket requests that have been made for Trump’s upcoming rally in Tulsa on Saturday. Parscale stated, “Just as more than a million people have registered for tickets to the President’s rally this weekend [in Oklahoma], they are also donating to help his campaign in record numbers. There is an enthusiasm gap — it is real and it is wide.” He added:

President Trump’s supporters would run through a brick wall to vote for him. Nobody is running through a brick wall for Joe Biden.

The enthusiasm gap to which Parscale referred is voter enthusiasm for the upcoming election. Trump supporters are coming in at 53 percent as “very enthusiastic,” with Biden only getting 24 percent in the same category.

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