Trump rips Pelosi for delaying transfer of impeachment articles

It’s becoming very clear that Donald Trump is growing tired of the Democrat obstructionism surrounding the impeachment proceedings.

Trump delivered a knockout blow to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on New Year’s Eve on Twitter for continuing to hold the articles of impeachment back from the Senate, the Washington Examiner reported.

Take a look:

Frustrating Trump

One of the reasons Nancy Pelosi is holding the articles hostage is because she says she needs to know the Senate rules so she can name her House managers. The second reason most believe she is still holding the articles is to gain leverage for the setting of the rules mentioned above in favor of Democrats.

Most pundits, both liberal and conservative, believe that over time, Trump will get frustrated and ask Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to give the Dems whatever they want just so the legislature can just move on.

Based on the tone of Trump’s last few messages about the articles, it is fairly safe to say that if that is true, Pelosi’s strategy just might be working.

The problem for Pelosi, however, is that Trump is doing a far better job of exposing Pelosi for being corrupt than she is in her attempts to frustrate Trump and rig the trial.

What should McConnell do?

The burning question for Trump supporters now is: what should McConnell do? Should he allow Democrats to call unlimited witnesses? Should he allow them to name witnesses but reserve the final approval as the Dems did in the House? Or should he just move to dismiss charges?

In terms of the media, no matter what McConnell does, he is going to be painted as the bad guy. If he allows Democrats to call whoever they want, he risks biased witnesses taking the stand.

If he denies certain witnesses, Democrats will call him corrupt, even though that is what House Democrats did to Republicans. If he goes for an immediate vote, Democrats will claim the trial was rigged, even though we could all clearly see the House hearings were rigged.

In addition to all of this, every media outlet except Fox News is going to go along with whatever narrative the Democrats spin. The fact that most media outlets are refusing to show how Democrats reacted to Bill Clinton’s impeachment is proof of that.

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