Trump rips New York Times over ‘phony story’ on his work habits: Report

Last Thursday, The New York Times printed a piece that painted the president as someone who has been depressed, sulking, and binge-eating throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

It took a few days for it to register with Donald Trump himself, but after a brutal week with the media, the president unleashed his fury on the Times, defending his work schedule while characterizing the journalists who wrote the story, Katie Rogers and Annie Karni, as “third rate” reporters, the Daily Caller reported.

Under attack

Honestly, no one could blame Trump for being a bit down right now. We had a great and thriving economy, and by all signs, he was well on his way to being re-elected — then the coronavirus hit.

Since the outbreak first made its way to America, President Trump has been under constant attack by both Democrats and the media.

This comes in stark contrast to the way the media treated former President Barack Obama during the H1N1 outbreak, but that is today’s political world. Democrats are simply not interested in helping Trump gain a single ounce of glory for anything — and that includes refusing to work with him during this crisis.

Even so, the description painted by the Times goes much deeper than merely a man being made somber by the seriousness of events and pressure. Reading both the words and the meaning between the lines, it is pretty clear the authors of the story wanted to paint a picture of a man who is spiraling into a very deep depression.

Pushing back

There simply is no way Trump, for his part, could let a story like that go without a response. After three days, he posted a tweet explaining that he works day and night and hasn’t “left the White House in many months,” according to the Daily Caller.

The New York Times later defended the piece, with one staffer at the paper alleging that when the Times reached out to the White House for comment ahead of the piece’s publication, the administration was silent, the Daily Caller reported.

It only added to the left’s narrative that amid all of this controversy, the White House seems to considering cutting back or eliminating entirely its daily coronavirus press briefings, the Daily Caller noted.

Unfortunately, Trump has had to come to terms with the fact that he will never see a positive story printed about him in most media outlets. He can counter that by being upbeat and in front of the camera at the appropriate times — but not all the time.

If he were to keep up the briefings, it won’t matter what he says. The Fake News media is always looking for a bone to pick with him — and clearly, even a pandemic won’t change that.

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