Trump rips Fox News for interviewing James Comey, Adam Schiff

On Saturday, news broke that former FBI Director James Comey and impeachment leader Adam Schiff (D-CA) had been invited to appear on Fox News during Chris Wallace’s Sunday morning broadcast.

In response, Trump essentially said goodbye to any remaining goodwill between himself and Fox News when he published a volley of tweets predicting the downfall of the network for being too “politically correct,” the Daily Caller reported.

Jumping the gun?

Trump has been very critical of Fox News as of late, and when Trump heard about the scheduled appearances, he made no exceptions. He immediately took to Twitter to light up the network.

This attack against Fox News came after Fox host Chris Wallace had earlier in the week accused Trump of carrying out the “most direct sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history.” But all Trump really did by sending out those tweets without waiting to see where those interviews were going was solidify Wallace’s opinion.

The Comey interview

Had Trump waited to see the Comey interview before furiously tweeting about the demise of Fox, he would have likely had a different opinion.

Clearly, Comey agreed to go on Wallace’s show because he thought he would get nothing but softballs. However, Wallace — though himself a major Trump critic — did a fairly decent job of exposing Comey.

While Comey did admit the inspector general’s characterization of the report was true and his own was not, he also clearly tried to spin a lot of the negative aspects of the report. Comey repeatedly tried to say that he and the IG may not agree on the “definition” of some words, but Wallace called him out every time.

When Comey tried to spin how the Steele dossier was used as a central part of the investigation, Wallace repeatedly read out the IG’s words to counter what Comey was trying to say. Wallace was not as hard on Comey as someone like Bret Baier would have been, but the interview was no cakewalk, either.

The Schiff interview

As far as the Schiff interview goes, well, Trump has every right to be upset because Wallace was far gentler with Schiff than he was Comey. Wallace really let Schiff off the hook for his 2018 memo that more or less made Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) out to be a conspiracy theorist. Take a look:

Nunes has access to the same documents Schiff did when he penned his memo, so there simply is no way Schiff did not know about the abuse of the FISA process at the time.

This man is a liar, yet he continually gets away with it and for some reason, everyone, including the media, seems to be afraid to hold him accountable. This is exactly why Trump got so angry when Schiff is given a platform to continue justifying his misinformation campaign without any pushback at all.

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