Trump reverses Pentagon plan to shut down ‘Stars and Stripes’ newspaper

Earlier this week, the Pentagon announced plans to cut the Stars and Stripes newspaper from the budget.

On Friday, President Donald Trump made the decision to save the paper, stating that the publication’s funding will “NOT” be cut under his administration.

Budget cuts

The government budget is filled with plenty of waste… on that, just about every American can agree. There are some programs, however, that most of us would agree simply need to be kept alive, even in the face of budget tightening.

For members of the military, the Stars and Stripes is one such program, so everyone was stunned to find out the publication was due to be shut down at the end of September due to budget cuts.

According to Politico, the paper is funded through the Pentagon, but maintains editorial independence.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) spoke up in its defense last month, writing in a letter to DefSec Mark Esper that “as a veteran who has served overseas, I know the value that the Stars and Stripes brings to its readers.”

Just as Trump was dealing with an anonymously-sourced report in The Atlantic alleging that he had called dead soldiers from WWI “losers,” the report surfaced about the Stars and Stripes … but that is one report that lasted about as long as the credibility of The Atlantic’s report.

Trump, on Friday, tweeted that he would not permit the publication to be closed down on his watch…

Stars and Stripes

The Stars and Stripes was first founded in 1861 by several Civil War soldiers. According to its website, the paper has been reporting the news to our troops continuously ever since World War II.

Multiple famous journalists and illustrators got their start or established their careers while writing for the publication. For instance, journalist Harold Ross, who co-founded The New Yorker, illustrator Cyrus Baldridge, and columnist Grantland Rice all worked for the Stars and Stripes during WWI. Bill Mauldin, who has won two Pulitzer Prize awards, illustrated the “Up Front” cartoons during WWII.

This publication never should have been on the chopping block, so regardless of the reason why, it is good to see Trump come around and ensure that this publication will go on as it always has while he is in office.

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