Trump reTruths Stephen Miller quote about prosecuting Biden

By Jen Krausz on
 April 29, 2024

Former President Donald Trump made it clear what he thinks will happen if the Supreme Court rules that he doesn't have immunity from prosecution for acts he performed as president by reposting on Truth Social a quote from former adviser Stephen Miller.

Trump quoted Miller about what could potentially happen to President Joe Biden after he leaves office in a scenario where official immunity was denied to presidents.

"If they say there's no immunity for official acts, the moment Joe Biden leaves office, every single red city and red state DA in the country can charge him for financial crimes related to illegal student loan bailouts, can charge him for war crimes related to deaths of service members overseas, can charge him for human trafficking, human smuggling, and by the way, more election interference than you can count," Miller told Newsmax on Saturday.

Revenge cycling

Miller is right, of course: what's being done to Trump can also be done to Biden, and it will be if Trump spends so much as one day in jail for any of these ridiculous charges.

Of course, Biden has to make it out of office with enough of his wits about him to stand trial, not to mention live long enough.

Denying official immunity for presidents not only goes against the Constitution, it opens up a whole can of worms along the lines of constant revenge cycling that could turn the country into a full-on banana republic.

It just doesn't seem like the court will strip away Trump's immunity for official acts, but that certainly won't give him a way out of all the criminal charges against him.

Official acts?

Only some of the acts he is charged with could even be considered official acts, while other charges against him are for alleged acts he took after leaving office and would not fall under immunity protections.

Assuming the jury actually thinks he did conspire to seat fake electors while he was still in office, is that an official act? One would not think so.

Trump's presidential immunity will probably stand, but the next argument will be whether his alleged offenses were official acts or were done outside his authority as president.

This is an argument it may be much harder for him to win, although most conservatives reject the premise that any of the charges against him rise to the level of seriousness it should take to charge a former president with any crime.

It's pretty easy to find something that a president did wrong if you really want to find something, but minor charges are a waste of time and make the other party look petty and vindictive.

This is the true reason the charges against Trump have helped more than hurt his presidential ambitions for a second term. For over 200 years, Democrats knew better, but their lust for power is now without bounds, other than the bounds of unhappy voters.

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