Trump responds to Justin Amash’s late entry into the 2020 race: ‘No chance’

President Donald Trump issued a snarky tweet on Wednesday in response to a former Republican’s late entry into the 2020 race.

According to the Daily Caller, Trump’s tweet came just days after Michigan Rep. Justin Amash (I) announced that he had launched an exploratory committee in hopes of clinching the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination.

Election season heats up

According to the Daily Caller, Trump’s tweet on Amash came in response to a pair of Never-Trump Republicans: GOP strategist Rick Wilson and former congressman Joe Walsh, who already ended a futile presidential candidacy meant to serve as an alternative for Republicans who don’t like the current president.

Wilson had shared to Twitter a link to an op-ed written by Walsh in The Washington Post arguing that Amash’s third-party run could actually prove beneficial to President Trump by taking votes away from the Democrats’ nominee.

Trump shared the article with a sarcastic message.

A long-standing feud

As could be gleaned by President Trump’s tweet, there is little love lost between him and Amash, who quit the Republican Party in opposition to Trump after then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller released his long-awaited report on alleged Trump–Russia collusion.

(Spoiler alert: Mueller found none.)

Amash had been a libertarian-leaning Republican representing Michigan’s 3rd District for about a decade, but he stepped away from the GOP in 2019 when he voiced his support for the growing Democratic impeachment effort in the House, according to Politico.

To be sure, his exit from the party already seemed imminent — and his stance against Trump obvious — due to his vociferous opposition to the president’s tariffs on and trade war with China, as well as his support for Mueller’s probe. Now, Amash is simply taking his hatred for Trump a step further.

It remains to be seen if Amash will win the Libertarian Party’s nomination to run against Trump this year. It is also unclear if his candidacy would pull votes away from Trump or the Democratic nominee to an extent that could actually impact the election’s results, as some have argued.

In the meantime, it doesn’t seem like the president himself is too concerned about any of it. And why should he be?

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