Trump replaces lawyer with Clinton impeachment attorney

There is another major shakeup happening in the Trump camp, but this time it is on the legal front.

Ty Cobb is leaving the President’s legal team and is being replaced by Emmet Flood.

Things Are About to Change

As far as conservative legal experts are concerned, Trump and his legal team have been far too cooperative with Mueller during this investigation.

That, with the naming of Flood, is all about to change.

Cobb was apparently not the man to stand up to Mueller, but that will not be a problem for Flood.

Flood, as you may recall, was one of the attorney’s used by then-President Bill Clinton during his impeachment proceedings.

He has a reputation in legal circles as being extremely aggressive as well as going to any lengths to protect his clients.

Mueller Interview

One of the biggest questions that remains is if Trump will in fact sit down with Mueller for an interview.

We know Mueller wants him in that chair.

We also know Mueller will use Trump’s tendency of talking off the cuff to trip him up.

However, now that Flood appears to be in charge of the legal team, don’t expect the interview to be held under Mueller’s terms.

Another Addition

In addition to Flood, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has joined Trump’s legal team.

Not long after Flood was named, Giuliani issued a statement that if Trump were to sit down with Mueller, it would be under very restrictive terms.

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Trump’s ‘new’ legal team is demanding a time limit and a very narrow scope for the questions that will be asked.

So far, Mueller has not responded to the terms laid out by Trump’s legal team.

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