Trump renews call for GOP to replace ‘hack politician’ and Democratic ‘pawn’ McConnell as Senate leader

Despite previously accomplishing some great things together, it has long been apparent that former President Donald Trump and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) have never been particularly fond of one another, and that shared enmity has boiled over since Trump left office last year.

That feud reached a fever pitch Wednesday when Trump accused McConnell of being a “pawn for the Democrats” and urged Senate Republicans to pick a new leader “immediately,” The Hill reported.

Just a few days earlier, the former president had denounced the Senate GOP leader as a “broken down hack politician” who was working to undermine the electoral chances of some of his party’s own Senate candidates ahead of the midterm elections in November.

McConnell is a “broken down hack politician” deriding his own party’s candidates

On his Truth Social platform on Wednesday, former President Trump shared an article from The Federalist that outlined the close ties Sen. McConnell has to the Chinese communist regime by way of his wife, former Transportation Sec. Elaine Chao, and her family’s U.S.-based cargo shipping company that predominately operates out of and profits from China.

That article had been written in support of a comment Trump had made days earlier about McConnell and Chao’s link to China that had drawn furious attacks by some in the mainstream media who, quite ironically, found themselves defending McConnell — who the liberal media otherwise hates passionately — against the former president that they hate even more.

On Sunday, Trump posted to his platform, “Why do Republicans Senators allow a broken down hack politician, Mitch McConnell, to openly disparage hard-working Republican candidates for the United States Senate. This is such an affront to honor and to leadership. He should spend more time (and money!) helping them get elected, and less time helping his crazy wife and family get rich on China!”

That post from Trump, according to The Hill, had been in response to remarks from McConnell over the weekend in which the GOP leader downplayed the chances for Republicans to regain control of the Senate in the midterm elections due to questionable “candidate quality” — almost certainly an underhanded reference to certain candidates endorsed by Trump who are vocally opposed to McConnell and the Washington D.C. political establishment.

McConnell is a “pawn for the Democrats” who should be replaced “immediately”

In Trump’s post on Wednesday that shared the Federalist article, the former president also included a statement from his office that slammed both McConnell and Chao.

“The Democrats have Mitch McConnell and his lovely wife, Elaine ‘Coco’ Chao, over a barrel. He and she will never be prosecuted, as per the last paragraphs of this story, as long as he continues to give the Radical Left the Trillions and Trillions of Dollars that they constantly DEMAND,” Trump wrote.

“Mitch McConnell is not an Opposition Leader, he is a pawn for the Democrats to get whatever they want,” he added. “He is afraid of them, and will not do what has to be done. A new Republican Leader in the Senate should be picked immediately!”

Neither likes the other, both want the other gone

Of course, this is not the first time that Trump has fired off critical salvos at McConnell, as The Hill noted their internecine feud has been a public affair since at least the aftermath of the 2020 election, when McConnell disputed Trump’s rigged election claims and blamed the former president for inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Ever since then, Trump has on several occasions openly called for “Old Crow” McConnell to be replaced as leader by his fellow Senate Republicans, and he will almost certainly continue to reiterate that demand until either McConnell is gone or, perhaps, the two of them work out their issues and reach an agreement with each other in a private conversation.

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