Trump said he’d remove himself from Twitter ‘in a heartbeat’ if America had a ‘fair press’: Report

With tensions at an all-time high between the president and Twitter, The Hill reports that Donald Trump has considered removing himself from the platform. In fact, the president reportedly said that he’d quit Twitter “in a heartbeat” if he didn’t have to counter the so-called “fake news” media.

According to The Hill, the comments came after the president signed a groundbreaking executive order Thursday to push back against alleged censorship of conservative voices online.

Pushing back against Silicon Valley

President Trump’s rivalry with social media platforms has been well-documented. When asked by reporters Thursday if he would stop tweeting and get rid of his Twitter altogether, Trump indicated that he’d love to, The Hill reported.

“If we had a fair press in this country, I would do that in a heartbeat,” he said, according to The Hill. “There’s nothing I’d rather do than get rid of my whole Twitter account.”

President Trump has used his Twitter to speak to his supporters directly, as he feels the mainstream media can’t be trusted to fairly report what he says.

Things finally came to a head when Twitter fact-checked one of the president’s tweets on mail-in voting earlier this week, sparking action in the White House. Now, President Trump has signed an executive order to crack down on partisan “censorship” by Twitter and other outlets.

“A small handful of social media monopolies controls a vast portion of all public and private communications in the United States,” the president remarked at the White House, according to MassLive. “They’ve had unchecked power to censor, restrict, edit, shape, hide, alter, virtually any form of communication between private citizens and large public audiences.”

Censorship and tyranny

Many Americans have indeed been sounding the alarm on the overwhelming power that few companies hold to sway narratives and control information.

Companies like Google have been known to work with the Chinese government to censor online content, as a report from The New York Times revealed.

Facebook, for its part, had employed notoriously liberal Snopes to fact-check and ultimately censor conservatives on its platform, as CNBC reported.

All of these actions have built on each other, and it’s nice to see the president finally taking action to stop it.

President Trump’s executive order will no doubt face serious legal challenges, but the White House is ready to fight — and hopefully, the president will succeed in creating real change. If big social media companies aren’t reined in, it could jeopardize his re-election campaign.

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