Trump releases video showing support for ICE amid Democrat calls to abolish the agency

While Democrats in office continue to call for the abolishment of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE), President Donald Trump has responded in big league fashion.

On Saturday, the president released a video showing his full support of both ICE and the law enforcement officials that work there.

Take a look:

Why ICE Was Formed

After the horrific attack on Sept. 11, 2001, it was clear we needed to lock down our borders.

As such, on March 1, 2003, the Office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was formed.

The agency was charged with enforcing more than 400 federal statutes related to immigration.

Just last year, ICE arrested almost 5,000 gang members, almost 1,000 of which were part of MS-13.

As President Trump pointed out in the video, many of these undocumented immigrants are responsible for thousands of Americans being killed.

The Liberal Narrative

Now that Democrats have decided those coming into the country illegally are more important than actual citizens, they want ICE abolished.

The media has taken up their charge as well, painting the agency as a racist arm of the president that is trying to prevent good people from entering the country.

Of course, that is a complete myth.

Nobody in Trump’s administration or in this country is against anyone coming to America — as long as they do it legally.

What Democrats fail to tell anyone while spewing their nonsense is how important it is to control how many people come into the country every year.

Without that control, public assistance programs start to get out of control.

There are also concerns about crime and unemployment.

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A vetting process is necessary to make sure we are allowing people into the country that are going to contribute to our society — not look for ways to profit from unscrupulous behavior.

As Trump stated, without border control, we simply do not have a country.

It’s a great thing that he will continue to support ICE.

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