Trump releases video showing tech giant’s bias against him

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump decided to confront Google.

The President released a video on his Twitter account proving once and for all the search giant has been biased against this administration. 

Watch below:

Proof Is in the Video

For years, conservatives have felt as though they were fighting an uphill battle against the media.

That was never more apparent than after Trump won the presidential election in 2016.

Alternative media claimed a huge victory, as these outlets were able to “tell the truth” about the election and help put Trump in the White House.

The pushback against conservative alternative media was almost immediate.

Suddenly, pages with millions of fans were only having their content distributed to less than three percent of their audience.

That was a significant drop from the 25-30 percent they were used to seeing.

For people operating those sites, there was little doubt Google, Facebook, and Twitter were conspiring to silence their voices.

Trump Goes to War

Now, President Trump says he is about to take the battle to the next level.

While Google claims they have no bias, it is clear they were helping to promote one party over the other.

Considering Google’s extensive reach, it is a fairly serious charge.

Trump has gone so far as to suggest he is considering taking action against Google.

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While the president was unclear in exactly what action he is considering, Google has to be terrified right now.

Hopefully, just the threat of him taking action will be enough to scare them straight, but we doubt it.

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