Trump refused to back down over climate change at G20 Summit

President Donald Trump stunned world leaders attending the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina over the weekend.

While 19 other leaders quickly put their signatures on the Paris Climate Accord, Trump stood alone and refused to sign it.

Doesn’t Believe

For quite some time now, Trump has insisted that the Paris Climate Accord (PCA) is among the worst agreements the United States was involved in.

President Trump simply does not believe in man-made climate change.

“As to whether or not it’s man-made and whether or not the effects that you’re talking about are there, I don’t see it,” Trump said.

As such, he refused to involve the United States in an agreement that has created civil discord in France.

But that’s not to say that Trump hasn’t made steps toward making the country more energy efficient.

While the United States has refused to join the agreement, America has reduced its carbon emissions more than any of the countries currently involved in the PCA.

Progress Made

While Trump did not sign the Paris Climate Accord, the summit did provide some progress in other areas for the United States.

The most notable of these was his tentative agreement with China.

Trump had planned on increasing tariffs against China that would have amounted to about $30 billion dollars in extra taxes.

That plan has been put on hold and delayed for 90 days while the two countries leave it up to diplomats to work out a better trade deal between China and the United States.

While nothing has been finalized, Trump will leave the current tax rate at 10 percent on the back end of $250 billion of products. (A 25 percent rate will continue for the first $50 billion of that.)

China, in turn, will agree to make a significant purchase from the United States in several industries, including agriculture — which is good news for farmers.

President Trump was highly criticized for his tariffs by the media, anti-Trump Republicans, and most Democrats.

But once again, the businessman in Trump was more aware of the situation than our elected representatives who live a sheltered life on Capitol Hill.

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In the real world, Trump knows the Chinese need us far more than we need them, so he had the leverage and used it.

In the end, it will mean a better trade deal for our country and a very bright future for our farmers.

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