Gallup poll: Trump is on his way to being re-elected in 2020

Democrats are not going to like what the “numbers” are saying about the 2020 presidential election.

A recent Gallup pole has Trump’s “re-election” numbers right in line with both Obama and Clinton during the first mid-term year of their presidencies.

The Poll

While some will say it is premature to think about the 2020 election already, poll numbers are the one thing we have to measure presidencies in terms of how they are performing in the public eye.

In October of 2010, 37 percent of Americans said Obama deserved to be elected to office for a second term.

In October of 1994, 38 percent of Americans said Clinton should be given a second term to complete the job.

A recent Gallup just posted poll results for Trump reported he already has 37 percent of Americans saying he deserves a second term.

Obviously, both Clinton and Obama won re-election, which makes this a very good sign for Trump.

As is expected in this type of poll, the results fell pretty much along party lines.

Almost 80 percent of Republicans said Trump should have a second term.

Trump also won over a third of independents, with 32 percent saying they would vote for him for a second term.

His challenge is with Democrats, with only six percent saying they would vote for him.

These numbers may seem low, but they are also in line with what Obama and Clinton were seeing in their mid-term election numbers during the first term of their presidencies.

Moving Forward

Even better for Trump is the fact that many of the benefits of this presidency will be kicking in very soon.

Americans are finally started to reap the benefits of the tax cut and be they Democrats or Republicans, that will definitely influence how they vote.

Democrats are continuing to push the undocumented immigrant angle as well, which we believe will hurt them in the long run.

Far too many Americans are still out of work and struggling for them to want to see people that do not even belong in the country handed opportunities they don’t have.

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Trump just needs to keep his head down and checking off items from his campaign promises.

If he does that, it will be hard to deny him a second term come 2020.

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