Trump’s New Hampshire rally sets arena record

Contrary to what the mainstream media and other liberal outlets reported, Donald Trump had a record-setting crowd at his New Hampshire rally on Friday night.

President Trump sent the message out to supporters himself to announce the big achievement…

Fake News Reports

Several left-leaning outlets had reported the Trump rally was a complete flop. They focused on a Fox News shot of the upper level with some empty seats. Additionally, it looked like there were maybe a dozen or so seats empty in the area behind Trump during his speech.

However, what the media did not take into account was that many, if not all, of those people had moved down to the floor section in front of the podium to support their president.

Arena officials and the local fire marshal agreed that Trump had an estimated 11,500 people walk through the doors of the arena.

There were reportedly thousands of people outside the arena that were unable to get in because of the fire code.

Pictures of the event on social media backed up that claim.

Why Always Negative?

It truly is sad that the media is more focused on reporting negatively about Trump than they are of simply reporting. It would not be so bad if they treated Dems the same way, but they don’t.

When a dozen people show up to support a Democrat, these same outlets position their cameras to make it appear as though it is a full room.

Liberals online are just as bad. The comments under Trump’s tweet are just horrific. Hundreds of people referred to Trump supporters as klan members.

This echoed AOC’s recent comments that the core of Trump supporters are racist.

The media and the Democrats could not beat Trump in 2016 with their lies and if they keep up this biased and tainted coverage, their loss in 2016 will be nothing compared to the beating they will take in 2020.

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