Trump rally breaks out in chant to ‘send her back!’

Long before Trump became president, he always had the ability to get his rally crowds riled up to the point of a sporting event rather than a political one.

On Thursday, he did it again, turning to the crowd and listing off the “violations” of Rep. Ilhan Omar, which prompted the crowd to start chanting, “Send her back!”

Just Go Back

The latest spat between Trump and Omar got started when Trump was asked about the comments made by “the Squad.”

Trump had stated if they were not happy, perhaps they should go back to their own countries and fix them so we don’t have these problems here in the United States anymore.

His comments were bold and harsh, but they were far from racist. The Squad disagreed, as did some high-profile members of Congress. At the head of that pack was Nancy Pelosi, who even took a suspension from being able to talk on the House floor to make her point.

A resolution was introduced in the House, which passed along party lines, condemning the comments made by Trump as “racist.”

Flipping the Narrative

As Trump has been known to do, he is flipping what was perceived to be a negative. The attacks by the left against him have been vicious, which has only made his supporters more loyal in the process.

When Dems tried to once again press the bogus narrative that Trump is a racist, everyone, including the President, just dug in a little deeper on defense.

All was not strawberries and whipped cream for Trump, though, especially among the media.

While attacks by the liberal-leaning outlets were to be expected, some conservative journalists were also critical of the rally.

For instance, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro called the chant “vile.” Everyone seems to be missing the main point made by Trump, though.

Omar has attacked everything about this country since she has been in office, mostly with a bogus narrative. If she is that unhappy here, maybe we should send her back!

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