Trump rally draws thousands of energized supporters in New Hampshire

President Donald Trump’s campaign rally this week set a new crowd size record at the arena in Manchester, New Hampshire, the fire marshall confirmed.

It has been estimated that upwards of 20,000 Trump supporters — both inside and outside the arena — turned out for the “Keep America Great” rally on Thursday night. 

Record-setting crowd in Manchester

The U.K. Daily Mail reported that there was skepticism among the media about Trump’s claim to have broken the previous attendance record at the Southern New Hampshire University arena, which had been estimated at 11,300 people for an Elton John concert in 2004.

But according to Manchester Deputy Fire Marshal Mitchell Cady, Trump’s claim checked out. The fire department said at least 11,500 individuals — perhaps even more — had been ushered inside the arena to participate in the Trump rally.

On top of that, the fire marshal revealed that the overflow crowd outside of the arena — who watched the rally on massive big-screen TVs — was calculated to number somewhere between 8,000 to 9,000 people.

Judging from local news reports, the night was a positive event in Manchester, even for those who didn’t get in — or want to get in. “We did get to meet a lot of great people while we were in line, joking and laughing, everyone was in great spirits,” one man who waited in line but didn’t get in said.

Trump rally vs. Sleepy Joe “rally”

Inside the arena, President Trump turned to the crowd and asked, “Is there anything better than a Trump rally?” to which he received a resounding “No!” and loud cheers. He followed that up by asking the crowd, “How about a Sleepy Joe Biden rally?” which also elicited a “No,” along with boos and jeers for the potential Democratic 2020 nominee.

Trump also mentioned a recent report in The Hill that some Biden advisors think the gaffe-prone candidate should ease up his schedule. “If I ever did that it would be over,” Trump said. “The fake news would get us.”

A Biden campaign “rally” had been planned to coincide with the Trump rally — but there was no comparison. In fact, it ended up not even being a rally at all, as The Eagle-Tribune reported that only about 30 Biden supporters met at a restaurant in Manchester for the “Stand up to Hate” event. Biden himself was not present.

Trump’s appeal is hard to match

Despite what the media and polls would attempt to assert, President Trump is immensely popular with the American people and enjoys an incredibly solid and highly-motivated base of supporters that are willing to wait for hours on end for the chance to see him and hear him speak.

There is not a single candidate on the Democratic Party side that can even come anywhere close to drawing a similar-sized crowd — and the Democrats should be very worried about 2020.

You can watch Trump’s full rally speech here.

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