Trump calls out ‘radical Islamist terrorists’ for tragedies of Sept. 11, 2001

One of the many things about former President Barack Obama that so many Americans found absolutely appalling was his seeming inability to utter the words “radical,” “Islamist,” and “terrorists” in the same sentence.

But President Donald Trump is not beholden to liberal political correctness, however, as was made clear when he specifically cited “radical Islamist terrorists” on Monday as being responsible for the horrific attacks on America in 2001.

Presidential Proclamation

Trump issued a Presidential Proclamation on Monday, Sept. 10, which declared Sept. 11 to be “Patriot Day” in honor of the lives lost and bravery exhibited on that fateful day 17 years ago.

“On Patriot Day, we honor the memories of the nearly 3,000 precious lives we lost on September 11, 2001, and of every hero who has given their life since that day to protect our safety and our freedom,” Trump wrote.

“Although that fateful Tuesday 17 years ago began like any other, it erupted into horror and anguish when radical Islamist terrorists carried out an unprecedented attack on our homeland,” he continued, using the phrase his predecessor so studiously, and at times absurdly, avoided at all costs.

“In New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, the enemies of liberty took aim on America, but their evil acts could not crush our spirit, overcome our will, or loosen our commitment to freedom,” Trump added.

Day of honor

Trump’s proclamation also took note of the incredible bravery and ultimate sacrifice displayed by some during and in the aftermath of the terrible atrocity, whether those heroes were first responders rushing into danger to save the lives of others or ordinary citizens who acted extraordinarily in the extreme circumstance to do the same, not to mention all those who risked their health later during the extensive clean-up and recovery efforts.

“The noble sacrifices of these true patriots are forged into the great history of America,” the president wrote.

Referencing a congressional joint resolution issued in December 2001, Trump went on to declare Sept. 11 of each year going forward as “Patriot Day” in honor of all of those who made sacrifices.

As such, the American flag at the White House and “all departments, agencies, and instrumentalities of the United States” would be flown at half-staff for the day, and Trump encouraged the governors of all U.S. states and territories to follow suit in the honorary observance.

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Obama was inexplicably hard-pressed to call out “radical Islamist terrorism” as the very real and very dangerous threat to America and the West, despite great consternation from Americans who could plainly see the threat that has cost America thousands of lives over the years.

But Trump has no such qualms about calling things as he sees them. He vowed in 2016 to call “radical Islamist terrorists” exactly what they are, and that is yet another promise he has kept since taking office.

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