Trump-punishing judge disagrees with Letitia James over $175 million bond

 April 22, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Even the Trump-punishing judge in New York, Arthur Engoron, who first ruled without a trial that President Donald Trump committed business fraud and then after a trial fined him roughly half a billion dollars had to disagree this week with Attorney General Letitia James, who brought the case.

And he said a $175 million bond being posted by Trump to allow an appeal of the egregious punishment could move forward.

James, who campaigned on the promise to "get" Trump, and then came up with the "fraud" claims over business practices that experts explained were perfectly routine, had wanted the judge to reject the bond, and such a decision could halt in its track an appeal of the punishment from Engoron.

The Washington Examiner reported Engoron is requiring Trump to offer Knight Specialty Insurance, a Delaware-based insurer offering the bond, exclusive access to a bank account used as collateral.

James had claimed that Trump did not have "sufficiently secure and ascertainable collateral backing the bond."

Trump is appealing the judgment from Engoron that punishes him with $454 million in fines and interest. Engoron ruled Trump committed fraud over the valuation of his properties even though no one lost any money, the loans all were repaid on time, and the lenders expressed interest in court of doing more business with Trump.

Before entering another courtroom in another lawfare case brought by Democrats against him, Trump described James as the "worst attorney general in the country."

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