Report: Trump wants to prosecute Hillary Clinton and James Comey

President Donald Trump tried to deliver on another campaign promise, but it appears his counsel blocked his move.

Newswires are burning up this week with reports that Trump told his counsel last year that he wanted both former FBI Director James Comey and former secretary of State Hillary Clinton prosecuted.

Ammo for impeachment

Several publications ran the story this week that Trump asked his counsel to demand the Justice Department to investigate both Clinton and Comey.

But Don McGahn, who was serving as the president’s lead attorney at the time, told Trump he did not have that authority.

McGahn also reportedly had White House attorneys prepare a memo stating such.

One of the main reasons McGahn was arguing against this course of action was that he believed it could lead to the appearance of an abuse of power.

In essence, they would be giving Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans the ammo they needed to impeach him.

Lock her up

One of the focal points Trump wanted to be investigated regarding Hillary Clinton was her family’s organization, the Clinton Foundation.

From the outside looking in, the foundation very much looks like a front for pay-to-play.

The amount of donors that were able to get sit-downs either with Hillary Clinton or her friend Barack Obama is staggering, so it is hard to believe there was not some type of quid pro quo going on here.

Unethical FBI director?

Trump was also looking at the former FBI director for how he handled the Hillary Clinton email investigation, and for good reason.

As the investigation concluded, it became known that Comey had started to draft his letter letting Hillary off the hook months before the investigation was concluded.

We have also learned that several of the people involved in the investigation were Hillary loyalists.

It very much appeared as though a decision was made far in advance that nothing was going to come of this investigation.

For now, both parties have seemingly gotten away their “crimes” and may never be brought to justice.

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As such, it has become painfully clear individuals like Clinton and Comey are above the law.

President Trump apparently tried to change that, but the system even prevented the president of the United States from doing the right thing. What a shame.

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