President Trump pronounces ‘fake news’ CNN dead after bad ratings

Trump has declared one of his enemies dead… and the media is hating every second of it.

The President caused more than a bit of a stir on Saturday morning by officially proclaiming “Fake News CNN is dead!”

He Speaks the Truth

CNN executives might try to argue with the President, but the fact is that he is speaking the truth.

The beleaguered network lost a full quarter of its viewership in the month of May.

And while everyone continues to say Fox is biased, the network continues to lead all news stations in ratings.

In fact, Fox is absolutely dominating virtually every prime-time slot.

Obvious Bias

While the world wanted to know more about North Korea, job rates, etc… CNN focused on only one story.

During March and April, Michael Avenatti appeared on CNN almost 60 times!

That trend continued into May, as he was on the network 15 addition times.

Think about that…

Over a total of 90 days, CNN was ramming the Stormy Daniels story down people’s throats all but 15 days.

In addition to that story, CNN continued to focus on the Russia Probe, which has produced ZERO results after more than a year of investigating.

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CNN has no one but its own leadership to blame for the decline.

Americans have made it very clear they want variety in their news, not biased and twisted news focusing on taking down the president of the United States.

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